The Boss


My adventure began over 15 years ago in London where I developed my skills with Tony & Guy and Lockonego. Soon after, together with my stylist mates, I started SEVEN, a high-level hairdressing salon that quickly became popular across the Chelsea scene. In 2010 I  finally started Leopardi Hairdressing. Located in the heart of Rome, this place represents myself and my style in every which way. I’m Kevin.Murphy Cut Master and this gave the privilege to use and showcase their innovative products in my salon.



I’ve worked with Emiliano since the very start of Leopardi Hairdressing in 2010. I’ve become deeply passionate about hairstyling after attending Patrick Cameron’s course in London. I’ve recently been granted a diploma in History of Hairstyling at National Cinema Academy in Bologna. I love laughing and daydreaming, I’m fond of art, music festivals and travelling by train.



I’ve worked at Leopardi Hairdressing since 2014. I graduated at the Hairstyling Academy in 2012. I’ve always been so enthusiastic about this profession and I’m so grateful to Emiliano and Silvia for sharing with me their passion. Thanks to their dedication I eventually found my greatest ambition of becoming a professional Hair Colorist. I love photography, listening to music and travelling the world.

Manicure and Pedicure


I’m in charge of nails!  I graduated at Dora Bruschi’s Beauty School where I studied for 3 years. I eventually attended a 3 months course to specialise in Nail Care! I’m fond of meeting people, laughing and chatting. I love travels, nature and most of all my son Orlando.